TRAIL CARAVANS is the brainchild  of Swift Group Australia Pty Ltd (SGA).

SGA is an Australian company with more than a decade of experience in both the Australian caravan industry and in partnership with the world renowned, English built SWIFT CARAVANS & MOTORHOMES, who build what can be described as the world's most advanced and lightweight onroad caravan and RV products.

In 2014 SGA embarked on a project to incorporate the superior technology and materials use in the lightweight caravans into the Australian off-road and semi off-road mass market. In short, to make a true, world class, no compromise caravan for both on road and off road Australian conditions.

From this, TRAIL CARAVANS was born.  SGA continued to extensively test and improve to ensure  the ability to handle the harshest  Australian touring conditions.  In 2016 TRAIL CARAVAN launched both the semi off-road and full off-road models. 


TRAIL CARAVANS, well backed and financed, have been able to achieve what the industry considers to be extremely difficult - to truly make a full fiberglass structural composite caravan for the mass market.

To build with this technology is no easy task, but SGA's extensive knowledge and experience have designed and produced TRAIL CARAVANS with 3 times the insulation of a wood framed, aluminium clad van, resulting in a caravan that is specifically designed to handle the tough Australian road conditions and the extremes of the Australian climate.


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For those who still want this product,TRAIL CARAVANS also build wood framed aluminium caravans in its Victorian factory.  We offer the customer a true choice and will continue to do so.

TRAIL  CARAVANS are continually and actively engaged in the future development of its products,  with a focus on developing and sourcing the best materials.  With parts and materials coming from the UK, USA, Germany, China, Italy, Malaysia and Australia, we think and act globally to locally provide to our customers the best value and product we can. We believe that Australians deserve a world class product without the price tag attached.

TRAIL CARAVANS has taken one step further and invested millions to develop, own and run a new RV production factory in Shanghai where it currently produces and supplies motor homes for China and Asia.  Sales are good, boosting the company’s efficiency and we anticipate this market will grow considerably over the next 5 to 10 years.

This facility allows the company to both tap into the high tech, low cost production and procure the best quality parts and sub-assembly product for its Victorian factory and Queensland assembly facility.  This in turn, lowers the cost and improves the quality of its Australian based products.   As the global technology advances, TRAIL CARAVANS will make best use of this to continue to improve its Australian products.

10 year warranty.png

This advanced technology and superior quality products and parts allows TRAIL CARAVANS to provide the longest warranty in Australia with a market-leading 10 year structural body shell warranty.

TRAIL CARAVANS are committed to customer service and we will always take the time to listen and build long term relationships with our valued customers to ensure they have an enjoyable experience and have a great time exploring this fantastic country in their TRAIL CARAVAN.